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Event Details

Saturday, December 4th, 2021: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This event is a campaign fundraiser for Emily Burns, running for U.S. Congress to represent Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District in the 2022 mid-term elections.


It is open to anyone from any city or state, wishing to support Emily, and her efforts to help Massachusetts, and the country get back to normal, and back on track. It is a family event, and will include a multitude of seasonally-inspired activities for adults and children. (Restricted to U.S. citizens, due to U.S. campaign finance law). 


How much?/

As a fundraiser, it is a paid event, limited to 500 adults (unlimited children). Adult tickets are $250 each, children are free. Christmas trees are reserved for those donating the maximum $5800 donation, and include tickets for the entire family. Register/donate here. 


There are multiple ways for people to attend if the cost is too great for them. First, there is a raffle for 12 pairs of adult tickets. Each raffle ticket is $25. We will also be encouraging larger donors to make additional donations to free up more tickets for raffling. Register, and select the "raffle" option to enter the raffle. 

Second, if you would like to volunteer and can commit to bringing 3 paying adult guests, you may attend free of charge. As a volunteer, you will of course have some duties during the event. Volunteers may bring their children, free of charge. Please contact us at to discuss. Volunteer staff is limited to 50. If you are able to bring 10 paying adult guests, we will also be happy to offer you a complimentary adult ticket, with no volunteer duties. Again, please contact to discuss logistics. 

Where/ See below

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 10.41.16 AM.png

Join us at our farm in  Newbury, New Hampshire

Our Christmas Tree farm is located an easily day-trippable 90 minutes from Boston, in Newbury, New Hampshire, near the southern tip of Lake Sunapee. Alternately, if you choose to spend the weekend, there are multiple lodging options within 15 minutes, with Mountain's Edge Resort, being the closest. Other options are available in New London, or further afield in Woodstock, Vermont, or Lebanon, New Hampshire. Early December is off-season, so lodging should be plentiful, easy and inexpensive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our farm, and celebrating with you! 

Because this is our home, we will not be providing a specific address, except to those people who register for the event. 


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